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Meet the Instructors

It takes a village at The Kitchen Chick, and we’re proud to introduce our fabulous team of chefs who bring personality, style and excellent taste to our famous cooking classes. The Kitchen Chick also welcomes a variety of guest chefs who bring their talent and passion for cooking to our shop throughout the year. Read on to learn more about our instructor team and what inspires them in the kitchen.

Antoinette Lynch

Sugar wizard and owner of Baked on the Beach, a local cottage food bakery, loves to teach kids as well as adults, building classes around upcoming holidays, seasons and events. She teaches cookie, cake and chocolate decorating predominantly, with some other fun classes thrown in! A self-described Broadway musical addict, Harry Potter super fan, and creator of the chocolate dipped salad diet (patent pending), she’s been an island resident for 17 years, adding a husband and son along the way. Antoinette’s been baking since 1989, when she took her first Wilton cake decorating course. Continuing her own education is very important to her as is keeping up with new trends, technologies, techniques and ingredients. A 20 year veteran of the service and catering industry, she’s well versed in hospitality and loves to make her classroom environment both educational and enjoyable, with just a touch of whimsy!

Laura Bernardi Piovesana

Co-owner of The Italian Wooden Spoon, was born and raised in Italy. After a full business career in Milan working as marketing manager for American film companies, she moved to Texas in 2010 with her husband, Giovanni. Above all she has always loved to cook … and to eat! Growing up in Italy Laura learned by watching her mom and grandmother in the kitchen and she continues to prepare their special family recipes today. Her favorite dish, and Giovanni’s too, is authentic parmigiana, but lasagna and gnocchi run a close second. Laura has two tiny fans that appreciate her passion for cooking … her adorable twins Giorgio and Giulia that were born in Texas with Italian design 🙂 Some rules of Laura’s kitchen: taste, smile and always use a wooden spoon!

Linda Nagel

Co-owner of The Italian Wooden Spoon, admits that she was a mediocre cook until meeting her best friend and business partner, Laura, 8 years ago. As the two became friends Laura began teaching Linda how to cook fresh, delicious, simple recipes from the northern region of Italy. Linda was immediately smitten! Cooking has now become her therapy, and the sense of calm it elicits. She even grows her own herbs to flavor her dishes. Cooking for others and sharing a dish made with fresh ingredients always puts a smile on her face. Linda loves to make (and eat) lobster risotto, crostini Maria and pasta carbonara. She believes you just can’t lose when cooking Italian!

Bailey Glover

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, decided to try her hand at cooking and accepted a position with Outward Bound in Minnesota. There she managed their kitchen and prepared two daily meals for the camp’s 50 staff members. She learned, among other things, to bake bread from scratch, inventory a kitchen, and cook for the masses – all the while loving every second of it! Cooking is her favorite creative outlet and she enjoys coming up with new recipes and ideas. Making classic comfort foods healthier is one of Bailey’s many talents! One of her favorite ingredients is spaghetti squash and she uses it to replace traditional pasta in dishes like Pad Thai and classic spaghetti. Some of her favorite cooking memories were created in the kitchen classroom here at The Kitchen Chick. When she’s not in the kitchen you can find her playing guitar, paddleboarding, or practicing yoga.

Lee Glover

Lee Glover remembers childhood meals, while lovingly prepared by her mother, consisting of canned green beans and browned ground beef swallowed in ketchup. Her mom did not understand or value hours spent preparing a meal that would just be consumed in a matter of minutes. Initially she followed her mother’s lead, putting food on the family table because it was dinnertime and taking no joy in it. All of that changed when her daughter, Bailey, learned to cook. With music playing in the kitchen and perhaps some wine flowing, Bailey made cooking a social event where conversation was as important an the ingredients in the pot. Her daughter taught Lee that a recipe is merely a suggestion and to let the dish itself tell you what and how much to add. Lee doesn’t consider herself a chef like Bailey, but she does display newfound confidence in the kitchen. She still learns from Bailey every time they cook together and loves to watch her create edible masterpieces while assisting her as sous chef. Lee thinks that if her mom could see them side-by-side in the kitchen she’d finally understand.


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