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Meet the Kitchen Chick

Meet the Kitchen Chick

I’m Alicia, and I fell in love with cooking by baking a birthday cake. A funfetti box cake in my college dorm room to be exact. Twenty years later, I’m still baking birthday cakes, from scratch these days, and celebrating by bringing people I love together with food.

I live on Galveston Island with my husband, our two terribly ill-behaved dogs and our coop of laying hens. Life at the beach is everything it’s cracked up to be. Literally.

When I’m not on the island I’m traveling the world fork in hand. I love food, I love learning about food, and I love bringing back authentic flavors from my latest journey to my shop, The Kitchen Chick.

The Kitchen Chick

The Kitchen Chick was hatched in 2012 when Alicia became peeved having to drive for 30 miles to find decent kitchen goods or roll the dice and make an online purchase, sight unseen. Sigh. So she left her job, took a risk and followed her heart.

Located in downtown Galveston, The Kitchen Chick is known by residents and visitors alike for offering quality cookware and bakeware, unique gadgets and famous cooking classes.

These days, Alicia is still dedicated to her original desire that The Kitchen Chick be a place where people can stand in the aisle to swap recipes, soak in some personal attention, revel in the vintage charm of the shopping environment she created, and learn the magic of cooking from a team of talented local chefs.

Contact The Kitchen Chick

Contact Alicia at: [email protected]

I try very hard to respond to each email I receive. Please forgive me if, for some reason, I am unable to get back to you immediately … I just need more hours in the day. Can you relate?

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Wink, Wink

Thank you for visiting my site, spending time in my kitchen (virtually) and enjoying the simple pleasure of cooking good food. I hope you read my latest blog over a plate of cookies. YOU are why I became a small business owner, why I keep this site up and running, and you keep inspiring me.  You and me, we’re kindred spirits. Let’s hang, whenever you can.


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